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USACE - St. Louis District

LD25 / Clarence Cannon Bulkhead Repairs

Lambert Engineering has partnered with Kienlen Constructors (An Alberici Enterprise) and Thomas Industrial Coatings and was awarded this bulkhead painting project for both Lock and Dam 25 in Winfield, MO and the Clarence Cannon Regulation Dam.  

An excellent project that was completed 45 days ahead of schedule.

USACE - St Paul District

Lock and Dam 8, 9, & 10 Roof Repair

Scheduler, QCM, Submittals (Oct '14 - Jun '15)

L-ECS provided Construction Management support in the form of scheduling, project management, submittal preparation, technical reviews, QCS Database management, and Quality Control Manager.  This project was extremely challenging because it consisted of the reroofing of 17 buildings across multiple sites in 3 different states.  All of this was completed while working on an active lock and Dam with no disruptions lock operation.

USACE - Tulsa

Newt Graham Lock and Dam #18 D/B Guidewall Repairs

Technical Writing - Award Winner (Feb '13 - Sep '14)

PCiRoads contracted L-ECS to prepare the Technical Proposal for the Newt Graham Lock and Dam Guide Wall Repair.  This proposal was a 3 phase, full and open procurement and was completed over the course of 20 months.  The finalist were: JF Brennan Marine, Kewit,  OCCI Engineering Contractors, and PCi Roads.  This $4.3M procurement was successfully awarded to our client in spite of lacking any Marine, Design-Build, or USACE experience.  In addition our Small Business Utilization Plan received a 92 out of 100 and we were told was one of the highest scores ever awarded by the small business office.


VA - St Cloud

St Cloud, MN - VA Bridge Abutment

Engineering Design Services - (Sep ’13 – Oct ’13)

L-ECS provided Engineering Design Services for Aspen Construction on a complex shoring design with a difficult government contracting team.  L-ECS was called in after two previous Engineering Firms could not develop cost effective shoring designs that met the government's approval.  Our efforts resulted in the end of a 60 day stop work order contract through innovative engineering construction techniques utilizing components of the structure that had zero impact to contractor's bottom line.

USACE - Louisville

Army Reserve Center - Roanoke, VA

FAR Consulting - (Jul ’13 – Nov ’13)

L-ECS provided FAR consulting services to empower a 2nd tier subcontractor to collect on a 8 month, $650K nonperforming general contractor.  L-ECS is pleased to report that 100% of all funds were successfully collected with zero negative impacts  as well as successfully defeated LD claims by the General Contractor against our client.

DOA - State of WI

University of WI, Eau Claire

Third Party QC  / Concrete SME (May '12 – Sep ’12)

L-ECS supported DRAX repair and remediation of a concrete bridge deck system at the University Wisconsin, in Eau Claire.   This system was difficult in having to work around pedestrian and vehicular traffic with a compressed construction schedule.  L-ECS efforts included underwater bridge pier inspection, engineering and contractor/client relations.

NAVFAC - Mid-Atlantic

Wind Turbine Installation

Naval Support Activity, Harrisburg PA (Jun '12 - Jan '13)

L-ECS was tasked to Project Management, Site Safety and Health, Quality Control and Scheduling to Install a two separate wind turbines.  A 5Kw Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) and  a 5KW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) each on 90’ steel monopole towers not to exceed 120’.   Additionally, L-ECS was tasked to design an Energy Kiosk that displayed real time data of the HAWT, VAWT and a 10 kw solar panel facility from a separate contract.  The project was completed on time and with a project margin greater the budgeted.        

USACE - St Paul District

Stillwater, MN - Flood Control 3A

Heavy Civil, Storm Sewer (Apr ’13 -  Sep ’13)

L-ECS supported The Povolny Group as the primary on site management for a $850K project.  Our efforts included: Project Management; Quality Control; Site Safety and Health Officer; Modification Negotiation; Engineering Services; and Site superintendence.  This resulted with a cost savings of $115K as compared to the original estimate a well as over $250K in additional modifications.