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About Lambert Engineering

Lambert Engineering is a Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) as approved and vetted by the Center for Veteran Enterprise (CVE).  Our Mission is to support the Federal Contractor by providing valuable, seasoned, construction services to augment your staff as needed depending on your current work load and to offer large contractors access markets they would otherwise be denied because our unique small business status.   

L-ECS has seasoned Construction Professionals ready to assist your company in many areas.  Typical our personnel act as "Assistant Project Managers" for our clients in completing the myriad of tasks on federal project that need to be accomplish but is just never enough time.  As the relationship develops or estimators and technical writers are embedded with your firm in order to allow you to cast a broader net in your procurement activities. 

As the that trust matures,we have been assigned projects both great and small to execute on behalf our clients during the "feast" cycle this industry presents.  These assignments may be complete, cradle to grave management  or just acting as assistant while you catch your breath.   During "famine" times we continue work alongside our long term partners in order to procure more work through RFP production, IFB development and incorporating teaming relationships with our clients. 

These relationships have been EXTREMELY advantageous for all parties involved.     

In addition to traditional: General Contractor; Engineering During Construction; Construction Management; Non-Destructive Testing services, L-ECS specializes in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) support to the Federal Construction Industry so we can stay current and abreast of all the changes in these regulations. 

If you are in need of help with Technical Writing to help your Best Value Proposal, a Value Engineering Proposal, a short term Site Safety and Health Office, Quality Control Manager, or help answering difficult Serial Letters sent to you by the "Government".  Our services will provide you with the information needed to help you better understand Federal Contracting.

Seriously consider partnering with L-ECS, we take the burden out maintaining top notch construction professionals and help develop your team to bring in a winner on each and every project.  In addition we have the reach back capability within our own organization to augment your staff as needed.  Our professionals understand the federal contracting process and will enable you to make better decisions with a positive result towards your bottom line.

We look forward to adding value to your project, so contact us today.

Project Management

L-ECS constantly looked ahead to correct issues or mitigate scheduling before they became problems or even before the COR was aware of potential problem and was able to work effectively without the need for detailed COR intervention

-Allyn Mogil, COR, VA Minneapolis

Engineering Design

L-ECS Design and final As Built package of engineering drawings were the BEST of 23 subcontractors working on the [RULOB] project

- J Kirk Bramlet, Subcontract Technical Rep, Los Alamos National Laboratory


We were dead in the water after a 60 day forced stop by the COR.  I called Justin and his team was able to design a shoring plan that got us going and at a fraction of the cost other engineering.  In addition Justin's team recommend additional solutions to the Government that resulted in 3 additional change orders valued over $150K.  THANKS!!!

-Mark Lannon, Aspen Construction


Technical Writing

L-ECS experience and knowledge was indispensible in the production of multiple Best Value proposals.  The are a definite value added member to our team and their experience as former Government Contract Officials have helped us bridge the void in understanding the Government Acquisition Process and their mind set.      

-Dave Graham, PCi Roads,  LLC


In all my years of contracting this proposal is one of, if not THE best proposal I have ever read.  It answers all the factors succinctly and inspired a high level of confidence in me as well as the other members of the Board.

-Kathryn Crowthers, Contracting Officer VA Minneapolis